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Blackjack 21


Experience the real betting season with Blackjack 21 free casino game!The time has come to beat the dealers in challenging blackjack match. The real betting begins now with the most realistic betting moves that this has ever seen in any casino. Ready to test your nerves in this (virtual) money making machine? Try Blackjack 21 in this free download for your android device.Set up your bet and your HIT to beat the dealer in the first go. Increase or decrease your betting amount, start deals and double up your profits in this perfect betting casino game. The real joy of Blackjack 21 is hidden inside the undermine rushed betting experience where you have to challenge the dealer by standing with your cards and splitting up a real deal. Features:• Real blackjack casino based rules to follow in the game• Get scores equal or near to 21 to beat the dealer• Follows same rules like real casino houses in your area• Beautiful and delighting real time casino experience• User friendly easy to handle interface• Perfect game physics with complete new blackjack features• Up to 8 decks can be included in the game• Detailed statistics report to keep check of your performance• Busting the dealer means claiming more money
How to play?Set up a deal by tapping over the play button. Once you are on the table, start your dealing with two decks and then after counting the given numbers, decide to take stand or Hit the dealer. Let your luck and skill decide the best for your pocket. An insurance button given at the top of the table allows you to take insurance and minimize the risks of losing your hard earned money to the dealer. The game offers a real time casino based betting fun for all blackjack 21 lovers. Blackjack 21 is the most famous casino betting game with largest number of players all over the world. This particular game has been designed to serve your thirst for free betting experience on-line. Kill your boring time by playing this amazing Blackjack 21 betting cards game.